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SOLD - "Sayonara" Classic Aluminium Ski-boat

'Sayonara' was sold at the beginning of August 2009, but we have left this page here as inspiration to others!

Built in the early 1960s, this boat had been cherished by the same owner for well over a decade, but commitments as a Master Mariner at sea did not allow him to make full use of the Simmonds, and reluctantly he offered it for sale. Rather than post an auction on eBay, the boat was advertised here in the hope that it might go to someone else who would enjoy owning a true classic, and after a flurry of interest, she duly found that new home.

Little is known of the history of the boat prior to the day when the last owner found the Simmonds in a barn - literally. It carries the maker's "hull number" of 0527, which suggests that it is a Huwood-built Simmonds, post 1962. Over a period of eight years a painstaking restoration was undertaken, concurrent with the rebuilding of a classic twin-engined aeroplane. No doubt the Simmonds' aluminium construction, very similar to that of many light aircraft, helped with the process. Prior to being offered for sale, the Simmonds had been "run-in" but had covered little more than about 5 hours on the water.

"On the few occasions I have used the Simmonds it has always been a head turner and it would be sad to see it go," said the owner. The asking price was a quite conservative £3,500, including an Indispension Coaster 3 trailer valued at some £750, and unsurprisingly 'Sayonara' realised this figure.

With apologies to any Simmonds purists, a few non standard items have been fitted to the boat, including a non-original navigation lamp. The clutch has also been converted to a more efficient hydraulic system, rather than the original steel cable, which does have a tendency to stretch with use. The original Ford regulator has been replaced with a solid state unit. Otherwise the boat has the original Ford Consul 1703 cc OHV engine with unique Simmonds marinised inlet manifold and carburettors and is still fitted with the very efficient and rare Simmonds propeller. Length is 4.7m, beam is 1.6m.

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