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Simmonds Motor LaunchesWelcome to the website of the Simmonds Motor Launch Register - an information resource for owners of aluminium boats constructed by Simmonds Motor Launches of Twickenham in Middlesex and Huwood Engineering of Gateside.

Designed and build by Donald Simmonds between 1954 and 1961, these five-seater motorboats were popular as ski-boats, tenders and racing boats before the age of fibreglass, and enjoy a strong following to this day among collectors and enthusiasts.

Simmonds Motor LaunchesIt is believed that some forty boats were manufactured by Donald Simmonds before the company, together with rights to the design, were sold to Huwood Engineering of Newcastle upon Tyne in late 1961. Huwoods then went on to produce a further 200, although accurate figures are hard to confirm.

This site was launched in 2006 with a temporary holding page, just to announce the founding of the Register. Since then the site has been steadily developed to include historical, technical and contemporary information on Simmonds Motor Launches, as well as an archive of articles and features reproduced from magazines.

The site also includes an on-line version of the original owners' handbook, but much remains to be done. The intention is that there will be a Register of those boats known to survive, including galleries of photographs and brief histories of each vessel.


Any owners of Simmonds boats are invited to contact us via email, and will find a warm welcome on our associated forum at Old Speedboats.
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