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Despite their relative scarcity, a surprisingly large number of items have been published about Simmonds boats over the years, ranging from original sales brochures to magazine articles, reviews and features.

It is our hope to be able to reproduce some of these here on the website, where they may provide a valuable resource for owners, and interesting reading and inspiration for others. Hopefully the list below will grow steadily in the months ahead. Items are in chronological order:

Motorboat & Yachting Magazine, November 1954
Live outside broadcasts by the BBC were still something of a novelty in the early Fifties, but the Corporation was still keen to try out their new equipment . . . but why televise the launch of a new speedboat at Ruislip Lido? Nevertheless, they did, and Motorboat & Yachting Magazine published a short article about the event. MORE>

Sales Brochure, 1961
Shortly after manufacturing rights for the Simmonds were purchased by Huwood Engineering of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a modest sales brochure was published. It contained few words, and not many photographs, but the content is reproduced here to illustrate the tone and confidence of the new management. MORE>

Owners Instruction Booklet, 1963
This is a fascinating document, dating from the early years following the transfer of manufacturing to Huwood Engineering. In its original form there are nineteen type-written pages offering information on all aspects of owning a Simmonds, from routine servicing to repainting and winterising. MORE>

Simmonds Speed
This fascinating and in-depth article by Rob Maynard appeared in a magazine during the late 1990s, and includes a huge amount of historical and factual detail that any Simmonds owner will find enthralling. Unfortunately, the only reference we have is a rather faded photocopy, so we are unable to offer an accurate credit of thanks.. MORE>

More features will be added in due course, including original sales brochures, adverts and other magazine articles. If you are aware of any material that would be suitable for inclusion here, please do contact us.