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This is a representation of the first brochure issued by Huwood Engineering of Newcastle-upon-Tyne after their acquisition of the rights to manufacture Simmonds boats in 1961.

Simmonds Ski Boats

SIMMONDS SKI-BOATS are now being built on the River Tyne by an internationally known firm of boat builders who are noted for making a top class product.

Some of those being prepared for the coming season are shown on the outside cover of this brochure.

That the Simmonds Ski-boat has always been a 'good boat' has been acknowledged in speedboat circles for a number of years.

Today it is a better boat than ever. New constructional methods have made it stronger and even more reliable and this has been done without significantly adding to its weight and without detriment to its wonderful performance. The Simmonds Ski-boat, shown above on its self-locating trailer, could well be the boat of the year for many years to come.

Though water ski-ing is one of the few exclusive sports remaining today, it need not be too expensive. Simmonds Speedboats are specially designed to fulfil every water ski-ing and speedboat requirement at the lowest possible cost.

Concentration has been directed at avoiding a proliferation of designs, each of which would have entailed high development charges, and on perfecting one boat with the widest possible appeal. The result is the Simmonds Ski-boat as it is offered today, a speedboat which exactly meets the great majority of ski-boat and speedboat needs. Proof of the wisdom of this policy is that the Simmonds Ski-boat is recognised and extensively used by the country's leading ski-boat clubs.

Another important factor in keeping costs down has been the fact that sales costs have been rigorously controlled. Most Simmonds sales are made through recommendation rather than sales promotion methods more appropriate to larger firms working on a mass production basis.

Prospective buyers are confidently advised to seek out a Simmonds owner and take his advice.

Simmonds Ski-boats - for pleasure and competitive water sport. Ski-ers and racers of all ages, expert and novice alike, thoroughly appreciate the many sterling qualities of the Simmonds Ski-boat.

Please write (or don't, as this is no longer 1961!) for quotation to :
Telephone and Telegrams NEWCASTLE 81-0789

With acknowledgement to the Motorboat Museum in Basildon for supply of reference for this page.