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This page offers access to news items and information of interest to owners of Simmonds ski boats, such as rallies and events, spare parts, remanufactured components, new "finds", restoration reports from members, and so on.

Newer items appear at the top of the page. If you have any suggestions for suitable features for inclusion, please contact us.



Miss Pilgrim  - Simmonds Ski BoatFinds - "Miss Pilgrim" (added January 2012)
Back in 2010 an advert appeared on eBay for a heavily modified Simmonds Ski Boat, and it duly went through the auction process. Nothing more was heard of the distinctive boat, in its red, white and blue livery, until an email arrived over Christmas.

Seemingly, very little had been done to the boat since the sale, but it had been spotted in a field in the Lake District. Some investigative work by the finder tracked down the owner and a deal was agreed. So, "Miss Pilgrim" changed hands again, and the plan now is to complete a thorough and faithful restoration of the boat, which may start with a new windscreen . . .

Screen Pillars (added January 2012)
One of our members has gone to the expense of having new castings made for the screen uprights on the Simmonds, and is now prepared to remanufacture these. These are one-off and made to order, so don't come cheap, but a full set is going to be around £150. They will be supplied unpolished.

There might be a discount for bulk ordering, if two or more members can get together at the same time. If you might be interested in new screen uprights, please contact us.

Steering Quadrant (added January 2012)
As above, the same member has also invested in castings for the Simmonds steering quadrant. This is the relatively small casting that rotates the action of the steering mechanism through 90 degrees.

Simmonds Ski Boat - Steering Quadrant

Both sides of the casting are shown above. Price for one of these on application - please ask.

Throttle Lever
(added January 2012)
Although since sold, also available was a period throttle lever controller, removed from a restored Simmonds. The backing plate and other components were solid brass, with a bobble grip with milled circumference.

The mounting plate had sustained a small amount of damage to two of the mounting holes (as illustrated), but this was repairable. We have left the images here as (possibly) useful reference.