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One of the long-term purposes behind founding the Register has been to establish a knowledge-base of all surviving Simmonds launches. Of those built by Donald Simmonds at his workshops in Teddington, perhaps fewer than six are thought to survive, while the whereabouts of only a dozen or so of the 200 or more boats built under licence by Huwood Engineering is currently known.

All the boats constructed in Teddington are believed to carry a unique VIN plate. The positioning of this varies, but is often on the dashboard itself. Boats built by Huwoods are also numbered, and this hull number is usually sited on the transom above the engine. Sadly, this is not always the case, and it is often difficult to identify individual boats.

In due course a listing of those boats logged with the Register will be published here, including where possible short histories, photographs and other details. If you own a Simmonds and would like to have your vessel listed here, please contact us.